After great success and overwhelming response from Sing Dil Se - Season 1, 2 and 3 organized by Nextera Entertainment LLP. We feel great to announce our Sabse Bada Entertainer auditions in 24 cities - New Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Dehradun, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Patna, Hyderabad.& 12 more cities.

We have come up with a new concept of talent hunt stand-up comedy competitions in India. This is India’s First Digital Media Entertainment where the complete show will be uploaded to our You Tube Channel with all best performances and will be promoted through INTERNET MARKETING ACTIVITIES by which the best participants will get not even national but international exposure.

Why you should believe in Digital Media Entertainment show?

Now a days everyone is so busy in their day to day work that they hardly get time for the television shows but on YouTube you can see the videos on your mobile any time also we have discovered examples of various famous personality in industry who got the fame through Digital Media Entertainment. This is the first step to make your career in acting & dance and leave the world behind you. Also you will enhance your personality and you will be confident on your acting and dance by participating in this show. Talent is something which can take you on top of the world and this is the right platform where the talent speaks and appreciated.

What is Sabse Bada Entertainer concept?

Our main focus is to enhance the participants, who are talented but not getting the right platform to show their talent to the world. We believe that Sabse Bada Entertainer is the starting platform where you can step in for your future in acting and dance. Sabse Bada Entertainer appreciate the best performers and also provide the prize money and trophies to the winners to boost their confidence. Sabse Bada Entertainer gives you the chance to show your talent and skills to the right people so that you will get to know about your mistakes and correct yourself. We know in today’s world, various acting auditions are taking place and some of them does the fake promises as well, but Sabse Bada Entertainer is totally new concept and our main motto is to keep the trust of the people and make our show a huge success. Everyone enjoys a little attention and recognition for their talents. Sabse Bada Entertainer gives you that opportunity. You can start by showing your profile and acting and dance of your favorite scene/songs. Part of that process is recording videos and sharing them with your friends or making new friends who enjoy acting and dance as well. Before long, you'll have a wealth of new friends who are watching and sharing the new videos that Sabse Bada Entertainer have created and upload on YouTube.